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If you’re a seller, Amazon may not be for you, and those selling through amazon may already know that. Amazon is a completely customer oriented business which means customer’s will have precedence over their matters, meaning sellers don’t mean squat to them. The only reason Amazon even allows people to sell on their website is to charge and collect audacious selling and Amazon Fulfillment fees to compensate for the fact that they probably don’t want you selling on their website anyway. Think of it this way, Amazon is a retailer seller, as well as a huge marketplace and to them sellers are competition. So those not selling on Amazon yet, let me break some things down for you.

1).Their selling fees are very high

Although fees vary per category, fees on electronics are 15% plus $1 on everything you sell. Which means if you sell something for $100 receive $84 or less on Amazon. Modify your profit margin if your selling electronics:/

2). No control over refunds

If someone decides to get an item some where else cheaper, amazon will automatically refund their order with the funds from your bank account. Even if the item is defective. Which means you either have to liquidate your inventory through FBA or try to salvage useless inventory.

3). Amazon Fulfillment will lose your inventory

Seriously, they will lose their stuff. You can call them 50 times a day everyday for months about inactive or missing inventory and they will give you the run around and try to play detective to find it. Technically if they lose your inventory their “suppose” to reimburse you. Not many people ever receive a reimbursement though.

4).Amazon Fulfillment just doesn’t know what they’re doing period.

Their system is seriously flawed. Their system is built around this concept of “2 day prime” which means they are trying to make sure they can get products to customers across the U.S. in just two days. They go so far as to move your products to different fulfillment centers delaying your listing time. And most of the time the items being sold are still too far away from the customer to be received in two days. Nice try guy’s:/

5).Just read their policy

Their policy basically says “you are a piece of crap, I allow you to sell here and I can do whatever I want to your listing hahahahahahahahahah”.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of people have had a lot of success selling through amazon. Be sure to applaud these now grey haired, nerves of steel,extremely patient individuals.

Check out these video for extra info

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