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Congress selfish actions as it pertains to minimum wage can be summarized as borderline dehumanizing. The inability to raise minimum wage has affected the economy worse than the businesses that would’ve been financially hurt had they raised minimum wage years ago. Still, there seems to be a tug of war between congress and businesses vs the citizens of the United States involving this issue.

Currently the minimum wage is 7.25 an hour. The average American has to make 20,000 dollars a year to be financially sustainable in today’s economy. This means you would have to work about 54 hours a week, every day to achieve this economic goal and that’s not even including “Uncle Sam’s” take out of your check.Obviously this isn’t enough to earn an honest living, and if you think 7.25 is an unselfish wage rate for Americans, you’re what’s wrong with this country.

Businesses propose that raising minimum wage will result in higher labor cost, job losses and more company outsourcing. To not be completely biased, corporations are in existence to make money. Yet, corporations also have a social responsibility to use their influential power to help the community and economy.Reasons why congress should increase minimum wage

  • Higher minimum wages increases consumer spending with drives 70 percent of the economy.
  • Higher pay does not cause job loss, low consumer spending causes job losses which wouldn’t happen if we had a higher minimum wage!
  • Higher pay increases employee morale which yields better performance by employees. This creates better goods and services for customers, which means more money.
  • Higher pay creates loyal employees and loyal employee’s means a lower industry turn over which costs companies more money than raising the wage by a few dollars.
  • Raising the average family income means less families would be on government assistance programs like snap which amounts to 76 billion dollars in spending and welfare which totals 1.03 trillion dollars

With all these facts there are still 1 out of 4 Americans who do not support raising minimum wage. These people are

  • Businesses whose greed has been blinded by these facts above.
  • People that think raising the wage will cause them to loss their job.
  • People who either don’t care or people who’s oblivious to the fact that this wage rate is dehumanizing.
  • Most republicans from polls said they do not support raising the wage.View here

And more because ignorance just can’t be summarized in an article. Citizens deserve wage rates that people can make an honest living on. Until then congress we await your debate.
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