Phony Gas Pumps


Ever noticed going to different pumps with the same price, yet receiving less gas at one pump rather than the other. You probably thought the pump you supposedly were receiving less gas from was a bogus pump and chances are, you were probably right. In this world of thieves and crooks, gas companies take the “brass cake” when it comes to fuel pump scandals. So how can you tell which pumps are rip-offs and which ones are not?

Pumps are regulated by the department of agriculture and have to be inspected thoroughly in order to be able to operate.Typically they will have a seal indicating that it has been inspected in approved, like this example below of a Texas gas pump approved by officals.

gas pump seal

Inspections of gas pumps include:

  •  Making sure they are calibrated correctly
  •  Testing to ensure a functional nozzle
  •  Checking to confirm there are no defective issues etc.

Once a pump passes inspection it receives a seal which says the pump was inspected and approved by the state weights and measure system. If it doesn’t pass inspection it doesn’t receive a seal and the company or store that issued the gas pump receives a hefty fine. I’m sure your thinking about all the pumps you went to that didn’t have that seal right?

Well not to be too cynical of big gas industries, pumps that don’t have this seal isn’t necessarily ripping you off. There are millions of pumps in America and I’m sure it’s difficult for regulators to keep up with every pump. There is a very small chance that a miscalibration of a gas pump works in your favor because it could actually give you more gas than you’ve paid for. Yet, its the inspector’s job to make sure pumps are documented and functioning correctly.

Gas companies are very determined when it comes to ripping people off money. Any common sense citizen should consider the influence big gas companies have on state and federal regulation.Considering the fact that the government is funded through taxes and gas corporations are taxed at 35+%!

To be on the safe side and ensure that you’re not getting the short end of the stick it would be wise to only get gas at state approved gas pumps.

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