Federal Employment Law

Federal Work Law governing pay cutsPay stub violations (cash drawer shortages)

Your employer can take deductions from your wages for certain items that you need to perform your job with. They can also garnish your pay for merchandise you damage under the exception that the deduction doesn’t drop your current pay below minimum wage.
Wage and Hour Division states

Other Items: Employers at times require employees to pay or reimburse the employer for other items. The cost of any items which are considered primarily for the benefit or convenience of the employer would have the same restrictions as apply to reimbursement for uniforms. In other words, no deduction may be made from an employee’s wages which would reduce the employee’s earnings below the required minimum wage or overtime compensation.

A good example of this is cash drawer shortages. If your cash register happens to be short and your employer garnish you wages for the full amount of the shortage, which as a result drops your total hourly rate below 7.25 per week then they’ve technically just broken the law.

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